Slow Food

We are inspired by people in the slow food movement who value local, handmade products and the relationships that form around them.  We are excited to form and maintain direct and healthy relationships between us (the producers) and you (the customers) as well as the folks producing the ingredients we use.

One of the best places to get the widest variety of our breads at the lowest cost and interface with Rogue Valley's best slow producers, is to visit our local farmers markets.  Click the buttons below to find out more.

About our 2016 Community Action Plan

When we chose to name our business Rise Up! Artisan Bread, it was with the vision and dream of creating a company that not only baked great, wholesome bread for the people but also engaged in positive action that would benefit the community around us, including people, flora and fauna.

In 2015, we paid off much of our company’s debt, gave all our employees a raise and were able to donate more money, time and bread to local non-profit fundraisers.  We are now proud to be in a more secure financial place to be able to extend our energy and intention to the community around us.

Community Action Hours Program

In 2016, Rise Up! began a community action hours program which pays each employee for two hours per month to volunteer with a local non-profit of their choice.  We began this program in hopes of supporting our employees to contribute to a cause they believe in. 

Fair Wages for Employees

We are also proud to be paying all our employees a wage that equals or exceeds the “Oregon Living wage” amount, and we hope that the sales we see this year will allow those wages to rise even further.  We are inspired by the Federal minimum wage increases that have been pushed to the forefront of the democratic political debates by Bernie Sanders and we are confident that we’ll see an increase in our local economy with state and federal minimum wages increasing as well.   We believe the workers of the world are who need the most recognition and deserve to profit from the success of their companies.  

Supporting Local Non-Profits

In 2016, we aim to donate $2000 or more in bread and money to local non-profits.  We are also looking into becoming a Benefit Corporation, to join the force of certified companies who care for more than their profit margin.

Rise Up! is located at Full Bloom Community, an intentional community committed to radical care and deep connection, furthering the social experiment of what it takes for people to thrive while living closely together.   


Some of the local non-profits we give back to: