At Rise Up! we have the ultimate respect for you and your health, which is why we’re committed to local and organic ingredients free of GMO’s, chemicals and preservatives.  



At Rise Up! we have the ultimate respect for you and your health, which is why we’re committed to local and organic ingredients free of GMO’s, chemicals and preservatives.  

Bread Menu - Mainstay Loafs

our lineup of Local favorites - available at most stores and farmer's markets, 

Made with unenriched, organic flour!

For the past six months we have been experiencing your Ciabatta. Fresh with butter, french toast, and many other uses. It has been a glorious time. We have compared the crust to croissants, and the delicate inside is superb. Your company’s history and practices are gentle on the earth. Every once in a while there exists perfection.
— Rick Sacks

Plain Ciabatta and Rosemary Ciabatta


A beautiful open crumb (just look at those air holes!*) and crunchy golden crust make this classic Italian bread one of our favorites.   

*A note from Rise Up! Bread Bakers:

"We'd like to say a little something about HOLES.  If you are making a sandwich, please do not expect your stone ground mustard to be contained neatly upon a slice of our ciabatta.  Use our tighter-crumb loaves for sandwiches: the Little Applegate Sourdough, Sprouted Multigrain and teff breads (be sure to defrost and slice that teff bread rather thin, if you don't want to feel like a cow chewing your cud for hours).  For the rustic, rogue, sesame sourdough and ciabatta breads we have increased the hydration to ensure a gorgeous artisan "open-crumb."  These loaves are best for toast, table-bread and the occasional lightly-mayoed BLT.  Enjoy!"

I purchased a loaf of your Rustic Levain bread at the Grants Pass Growers Market on Saturday March 5th, for a dinner party for guests visiting from Anaheim, CA. As a self-appointed bread aficionado (actually bread-a-holic) I must say it is the BEST bread I have ever eaten and served to guests. Everyone loved the prime rib, however they raved about the bread! I will purchase this bread again. Keep up the excellent work and Bon Apittito!
— Manga! Robert H. Meredith

Rustic Levain

This is our lightly soured loaf in the French country sourdough tradition.  With its open crumb, hearty crust and notes of locally grown whole grain, it has just the right sourdough kick to make you happy.  We give this bread a very long, slow fermentation, mimicking old-world methods.  Additional variations of this rustic dough sold on a rotational schedule at our farmers market stalls include: Walnut, Apricot Walnut, Chili Cheddar, Chocolate Cherry, Fig, and Chocolate Coconut.

Rustic Baguettes! Seeded & Unseeded, Demi and Full Length


Rogue Valley Sourdough

Buy local!  

Baked with 75% whole wheat grown and milled at Dunbar Farms right here in the Rogue Valley. This local wheat has a wonderful flavor profile that we just don’t get from industrial wheat. 

Little Applegate Sourdough

Our best-selling fantastic sandwich bread.  Sour to the maximum like a true westcoast sourdough.

Sesame Sourdough

Our Little Applegate Sourdough in hearth form covered in sesame seeds!


Italian flatbread with rosemary.  Great for sandwiches, paninis, burgers or table bread 


Teff and Multigrain Teff Bread - Gluten Free!

Love your multigrain teff bread. It is perfect texture and taste, and I eat very little bread.
— Mary Korbulic

Teff is an ancient Egyptian grain with a strong earthy flavor.   Its 99.9% gluten-free just to warn you that we bake it in our bakery where there is gluten in the air.  However, we do not add any gluten and we clean our equipment thoroughly before making this bread.  Consider it a homeopathic dose if you are not highly allergic to gluten or wheat. This bread is meant to be sliced thin and toasted for breakfast or a tasty sandwich.  Sold in the frozen in stores, or fresh at the farmer’s market, please freeze or refrigerate after purchase because it is made with eggs! The multigrain teff bread has soaked seeds added to the interior.  

Teff Bread

Teff Bread

Multigrain Teff

Multigrain Teff

Sprouted Multigrain


A whole wheat bread with sprouted seeds & grains.  We soak whole grain flour and seeds to let enzymes begin the digestion process even before it touches your mouth! 

Rosemary Ciabatta

Add a little Rosemary and enjoy the same classic ciabatta under a golden crust with plenty of fluffy crumb. This Italian bread is one of our favorites.  


Kalamata Olive Ciabatta

Our scrumptious ciabatta loaf with delicious organic Kalamata Olives added to the mix!

Rosie Rolls

A rosemary roll made from our fluffy ciabatta dough.


Our white flour comes to us from Lehi Mills in Utah. Our Rogue Valley Sourdough is baked with whole wheat flour grown and milled at Dunbar Farms right here in the Rogue Valley. They are a 4th generation farm dedicated to farming sustainably for future generations. We are currently collaborating with a community of likeminded individuals to grow wheat locally while promoting small farms who grow wheat for small local bakeries like ours.